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Into The New World: Human to God
Author :DarylA
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1 Chapter 1

I wake up in a place where I am surrounded by trees. My body is half buried on the ground. I can move my hands and feet. My head still hurts a little.

Wait, I remember I was in the street lately? There was a man pointed by a gun. I rushed towards the man and save him. Then, oh yeah... I died. The bullet hit me before one of the police officers strangle the gunman.

So this is it huh?. Is this heaven? the scenery is great. And also it's beautiful. I feel like I'm inside an MMORPG game.

Speaking of games. I'm a model and a top tier player of an MMORPG game. Not boasting about myself but guilds swarm towards me just to recruit me.

Even thou I died. It's fine for me. In fact, I want to escape reality. My life has no privacy. My parents cheated with each other. I can live by myself but I really wanted to experience how it feels to love and to be loved.

I should stop talking about it for now. I must find out where am I. I stand up and patted my self to remove the dust around my shirt. Looking up at the sky, It seems like it is still early in the morning.

I'm thirsty but luckily I can hear a river nearby. I walk towards the river then kneeled at the side. I see my reflection and it looks like I became more handsome? and also my body feels a little bit bigger but only in the right shape.

Staring for a moment and came back from my senses. I used my palm to support the water and drink eat. The taste of the water is sweet. It's different. Sigh... I don't need to care about it.

I drink water more. Its sweetness is so good. It's like you don't like to stop drinking. But better to control it or else my stomach will start to shape like a balloon.

I stop drinking and stood up. I stretched my body for a while. I look at my surroundings and inhaled. My problem right now is, what can I eat or where should I sleep.

Luckily it is still morning. If I will start walking. maybe I'll end up meeting people or I can even get out of the forest.

But what really is happening to me? Am I reincarnated? I read light novels like the protagonist died and reincarnated to another world. Maybe this is my situation right now. I don't have any other clues but this is my first guess.

I started to walk to the east. As I observe the environment around me. I can see the plants and trees that I have never seen before. Some are beautiful and others are just okay. Also, fruits that I don't know what is. Better to avoid it even thou I'm starting to get hungry.

It feels weird. It's like I'm being followed by something. I'm starting to shiver. It scared me. At least I know basic combat.


As I look at the direction where the howl is. A wolf that is the size is like a full-grown bear is in front of me. Its color is red and its claws and fang are like the size of a kitchen knife.

But the thing that bothered me is a projector like the board is at the top of its head.

~Visious wolf~

Level: 10

It the same as in MMORPG games. I don't have any weapons so I am forced to close combat it. Even thou I will run. With its size. It can outrun me easily.

I don't have any choice.

Instantly, the wolf rushed towards me. For a moment I was dumbfounded. When I started to battle it. Its movements became slow. Its claws are trying to hit my chest but I easily dodge it. I followed up with a chop to its head and damage -2315 appeared at the top on its head. And again I was dumbfounded. I only used a little amount of my strength and the wolf is starting to limp. and slowly walking like it is drunk and then it fell down.

I one hit K.O a monster that is larger than me. If people see what I did.

Ding: Your level has risen.

Ding: Your level has risen

Ding: Your level has risen


Wait. What?! Did I level up? Obviously. I heard a notification and see letters that are colored green.

Wait? maybe this will work.



Level: 5

Job: Tier-1 God

Passive: Blessing from the Gods, Dragon Summoner, Great Elementalist

A projector like board appeared in front of me again. As if it is real. I did not mind about it but about my job and passive shocked me. God? What the hell is this! It makes me happy but the confusion inside of me is disturbing me.

Sigh... I should not think about it for now. Maybe the monster has loot in it. In games, there is a chance that the monster you defeated will drop loots.

As I am sitting beside the corpse. A notification popped up again.

Ding: Do you want to turn it into a dragon? Yes or No.

For a moment I was dumbfounded again. I looked at my stats board again and then see the dragon summoner passive. I did not hesitate then answered.


Ding: Name a command.

"Come forth!"

Ding: Command name successful.

After that announcement. I looked at the corpse. I said the word "Come forth". The monster corpse started to glow. Unexpectedly, the corpse is covered by smoke and it shaped into an egg. It's shacking as if it's forcing itself to come out.


As the egg like smoke started to fade away. The wolf turned into a dragon. It's like a half dragon and half wolf. It's the size the same as its current body. But what captured my attention is its appearance. It can make a human bow down to its owner.

Ding: You can still summon four.

Ding; Requirements - a monster corpse.

I can still summon four more? I can summon dragons the same as my level? This is great! but it feels unfair. Nah... It is my own abilities so I don't need to feel bad about it.

With these powers, I can live by myself. First I'm going to hunt monsters in this forest and get stronger. Next is looking for a job. Maybe an adventurers guild exist in here. I hope there is a nearby town.

Okay! I'm going to start hunting!


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