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Internet Icon: A Girl With A Dream
Author :Britney_Pace
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18 Chapter 18

@@Matt's P.O.V.

I couldn't believe what Britney was saying, she SAVED my life. She put her own life in danger to save me..... how did she make things worse? "Britney you didn't make things worse, you SAVED my life you should be proud of yourself, not disappointed. You have no clue on how much you've done for me... if you didn't do that my wife would no loger have a husband, and my daughter wouldn't have a father.... thank you, so much..."

Third Person P.O.V.

As the two sat in silence after Matthew's half speech, Britney started to think about home again. It was always constant, it was always in her head thinking about when her and her mother; Alison, would go back to there home of Australia. So she can go back to school and see her grandmother.

6 minutes later the silence was broken by Britney's phone ringing but because Britney couldn't answer her phone due to her injuries Matt answer phone. "Hello Britney is unable to speak on the phone right now may I please pass the message to her?" "This is her mother and can you go get her for me?" Alison said as a return to Matthew's question, "She's with me but she can not currently can not speak." Matthew says also returning a question, "Can i go on speaker phone?" "Okay, sure." Matthew replied for the final time before he put the phone on speaker phone. "Look Britney i need to tell you something. I hate you! I AM SOOOO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU YOU'RE SUCH A FAILURE. I'M DISOWNING YOU!!!! I HOPE YOU DIE ON THE STREETS OF AMERICA!!!! Goodbye i have to go I'm gonna get fucked, talk to you never~"

The end of Book 1



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