IT Miss:My Frozen Life
41 Lovely Little Partner
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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41 Lovely Little Partner

Sheena looked helplessly at Rajeev.

"Forget about me, just take care of yourself Big Bro!!!!!!!!".

It doesn't need words to understand what she meant, Rajeev understood everything just with one look as if they are connected through telepathy.

Forgive me, my partner, I can't protect this little sister because your opponent is too formidable, he apologized to Rehaan, wailing in his heart.

Little Sis, one day I will help you to take revenge on that Arrogant Kid. I swear. He promised to himself.

He gritted his teeth, pulled out his mobile from the pocket and typed out a message as fast as he can, pushed the send button and stuffed it back into his pocket when he saw the message was read successfully from other side.

Rehaan returned to his seat in less than 10 minutes he received the message from Rajeev.

The message read

" Big bro, this stone-faced kid is blowing up at everyone again. if you don't come back in 15 min, sister and I will die of exhaustion."

- your Lovely Little partner.

Rehaan almost vomited blood when he saw the sender's tag,

what's with this guy? Lovely little partner?

So Childish...

But when he saw the content of the message, he sprinted to the ODC like a marathon runner.

What is this Evil kid doing again? He started torturing people in the evening as if sending them to all kind of nonsense sessions from morning wouldn't suffice??

He didn't return to his "Sincere Employee of Silver Tech" mode, did he?

when he returned to the ODC, he found Sheena and Rajeev staring at their desktop, as if their eyes are stuck to the screen without even casting a single glance aside. They didn't even notice his arrival.

What's with these guys? they are acting all sincere and workaholic. He walked over to Rajeev and gave a questioning look.

Rajeev pulled his sleeve and signed him to come closer. Then he started whispering

"Big bro... what took you so long? are you planning to get us killed"?

Rehaan was dumbfounded hearing that. How is that so long, you idiot? I practically came running, he defended himself.

Anyway, what's with that message? I thought you are dying or something but everything looks normal...

Rajeev got fired up hearing the word normal.

Normal?? Big bro, how can you use the word normal here? That evil kid of yours went into working Robot mode again. He wants me to complete that tremendously lengthy BANCO task now and he gave a document practically in the size of "INDIAN OCEAN" to sister to analyze and learn.

How could you call this normal? I am going to go insane here. His eyes are welled up and looked like he was about to cry.

Rehaan was rendered speechless, wasn't he alright until this morning?? Even though he made everyone to attend sessions, he was not in a bad mood. what made him so furious that he went into his cold aloof robot self again?

He looked at Sheena, who was working with her head stuck to the screen. He leaned towards her and asked in a low voice that only she could hear.

"Little one, did you do anything that could infuriate our Highness "?

Sheena wanted to laugh, but she controlled herself.

Mr.Beauty, you act all mighty in front of us, but you are scared of him?? you are scared of your junior, calling him as "highness" isn't it too much?


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