IT Miss:My Frozen Life
40 I will make you think about me
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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40 I will make you think about me

After waiting for another 45 minutes, the teammates started returning one after another. They looked like zombies, without life.

Just by looking at their faces, Sheena could figure out, how boring those sessions were.

She started looking out for Rehaan, but he is nowhere to be seen.

Did Mr.Beauty collapse in the way ?? Why is he not showing up??

There were no signs of him even after 10 minutes.

She tried calling his mobile, it's still switched off.

While Sheena is calling Rehaan, Shaahir returned to his place, he saw her calling to someone looking a bit worried, but didn't know to whom.

After waiting for a while, she moved her chair towards Rajeev(one of her teammates).

Hey Rajeev, where is Rehaan??

Rehaan?? He would have collapsed somewhere holding his head. You know how much he hates attending those theory sessions.

As expected!! Sheena let out a bitter smile.

Shaahir's face twitched after listening to her conversation with Rajeev.

So, she is all worried about her Knight in shining armour????

I also attended so many sessions, but she doesn't seem to be concerned about me.

Probably She didn't even think about me?? Right??

Jealousy started clouding his rationality.

You won't even think about me, right? then I will make you think about me.

He pulled data from a bunch of his old tasks and emailed right away to her.

Ms.Sheena if you are done, playing with your mobile, could you please check your emails?

Sheena didn't notice the seriousness in his tone.

Boss, I will look into it later, I am going out to look for Rehaan. She replied without looking at him and got up to leave.

The moment her voice drifted out, Shaahir's icy glare moved toward her.

"Sit down"

Those two words were authoritative, causing her to halt in her steps. She hesitated for a moment and sat down.

Big Boss is it very important? I will be back in less than 10 minutes. Okay?

She looked at that man who let out a distant expression and felt a kind of overwhelming oppression.

Shaahir narrowed his gaze, his expression was still frozen.

go through all the tasks I have sent in the email, I will take a reverse KT in the evening, he spoke indifferently.

Sheena didn't understand why is he being so hostile with her. What could she have done that was wrong to him?

Abiding by the principle of 'the lesser you talk, the lesser mistakes you will make', Sheena sat down and started checking her emails silently.

She opened the mail sent by sent by Shaahir, she froze, at the moment she opened the mail. The mail was as long as China wall and attachments in it are as thick as Osmium, she felt like crying.

Noticing her pitiful face, Rajeev hurried up to offer his help. "Little Sister, let me help you".

just then a large number of email notifications popped up in Rajeev's mailbox. Most of the emails are from Shaahir.

If you are free, then complete the BANCO BELBO task today, it was pending in your plate from long time. After completing it, you can start with the new items I have sent in the mail.

Rajeev's eyes popped out seeing the list of new tasks assigned to him. He closed his eyes in despair.

His heart was weeping inside.

Bigboss!!!This is clearly bullying the weak.

There is no way that I could complete that terrifying BANCO task today, starting other tasks was out of the question. If you don't want me to help little sister you can tell me directly...



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