IT Miss:My Frozen Life
39 Poor Mr.Beauty
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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39 Poor Mr.Beauty

Sheena came back attending two out of the three sessions planned by Shaahir, looking pale like a Ghost. She thought of venting out her frustration with Rehaan. But to her surprise, no one in the team is available in the ODC.

At first, she thought that everyone went to a meeting, but there was no sign of anyone, even after 30 min. She wondered where did everyone go, that too at a time? She tried calling Rehaan's mobile. It was switched off.

What the heck? where did everyone go?

Did they leave me alone to attend sessions, and went to a party or something?

No, they won't go leaving me right??

she stood up and saw the Settlements team members sitting and working as usual.

Everything is normal and everyone is working as usual. Where did our team alone disappear??

She couldn't bear her anxiety anymore and walked to Anu who is nearby. Anu is one of the Settlements team members who looks fierce in appearance but innocent as a kid.

Hey Anu!! Where are my teammates??

Anu: I don't know, they didn't inform me where they are going...


That's ok madam, did you see anyone of them? I am waiting from 30min but didn't see anyone.

I went for attending sessions , when I came back no one is available and worst part is there Mobiles are switched off…

oh!! is that so?? Anu thought for a while.

Ahhh!! I remember now, they also went for a session. You know? All your teammates have so many pending sessions to attend. So I think our manager sent them to Arc auditorium to complete all pending sessions.

Sheena was dumbstruck hearing that. She thought she was the only one who suffered, attending all boring sessions in the world, but it seems that's not the case.

Hmmm, so the Cold prince is also attending the sessions!!! Her inner demon is satisfied after knowing everyone suffered along with her.

But she couldn't stop worrying about Rehaan. She remembered very well that he hates attending the sessions just like her.

"Poor Mr.Beauty"

This is all because of that Demon Lord, she cursed him inwardly again.

Little did she knew that the Demon lord she cursed couldn't bear making her attend the sessions alone. so, he made entire team suffer along with her including himself.

Two hours ago:

Rehaan left Shaahir's place angrily unable to convince Shaahir.

Shaahir chuckled thinking of the cute and miserable expression of his little girl cursing him.

But his smile didn't last long. he thought of concentrating on his work.

It was because of him, she had to bear listening to all that nonsense. It was because he wanted her to stay away from him, she had to attend those overbearing sessions. His guilty conscience started bothering him.

Suddenly he remembered all members in the team had some pending sessions including him. But attending those sessions is not mandatory. it would be awkward for him to attend an unimportant session, just because he is feeling guilty. But it would be great if the entire team attends with him.

So he decided to drag down the entire team with him. He looked around, after confirming no one is around, he quickly drafted a mail to his manager that the whole team had some pending sessions to attend and they were free to attend now. Although it seemed somewhat evil, he felt better after making sure that she is not the only one suffering.


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