IT Miss:My Frozen Life
38 Maniac Prince
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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38 Maniac Prince

Rehaan came back to his place with a long face looking helpless. By seeing his look, Sheena understood that the Demon Lord was not convinced and she has to attend those sessions.

Mr.Beauty see you tomorrow (if I am alive), she waved to Rehaan and charged over to the meeting room to attend the sessions.

The first session was about to start, the person who is going to take the session is a senior analyst from the distribution platform.

Sheena's project was divided into two streams. One is distribution platform which follows all theoretical methods and processes, whereas the other one is Technology platform where people work on coding in various languages.

Sheena is from technology platform who is supposed to work on coding. She didn't understand why the "Stone Prince" is hell-bent on pushing her to attend boring sessions from distribution platforms, totally a maniac, he didn't even consider, letting me off even after hearing Rehaan's request.

Maniac Prince, Shaahir received a new name from her effortlessly.

While Sheena is in her own world, Ram entered the meeting room gracefully.

"Good morning" everyone.

Today I will walk you through the Trade Life cycle which is considered as the most crucial topic in the business world.

Hope everyone is ready, please pay full interest.

First of all, what is a trade?

Trade is a process of buying and selling any financial instrument.

Just like any other product even a trade has, it's life cycle involving several steps.

What are those steps?

Ram kept on explaining several theoretical topics in a very professional way.

Sheena's head started spinning, she can't help but inwardly curse that "Maniac prince".

In attending Sessions, Sheena is exactly the same as Rehaan, attending sessions is the part she hated the most.

She went into a stupor, unable to listen to another word. The session is going on and all words started flying around her head.

After an hour, Ram commenced his session gracefully asking if anyone has questions for him.

His gaze fell on Sheena, she looked super sleepy almost like a drunkard.

He walked over to her and spoke in a mocking tone. Is my session good??

Sheena nodded with a smile.

Ahh! It must be very good, that you almost slept, did you even listen anything??

He mocked her and left the room without turning back.

Sheena felt so embarrassed that she wants to dig a hole to bury herself.

Did this guy listen to all the sessions he attended? Overbearing Idiot, I swore I will take revenge on him one day, I will make him cry listening to all my sessions.

Sheena knew that the things she swore would never happen. But, she felt much better after venting it out.

Little did she know that all her exaggerated revenge story will come true in less than 3 months.


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