IT Miss:My Frozen Life
37 Knight in Shining Armour Vs Evil Emperor
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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37 Knight in Shining Armour Vs Evil Emperor

Being harsh is not possible, but pushing her away is possible, suddenly an idea flashed in Shaahir's mind. Sheena attend the trade life cycle session by Ram at 12.00PM, Market values session at 2.00PM and Agile platforms sessions at 4.00PM. we can have a reverse knowledge transfer session tomorrow so that you can share your knowledge with the team. It's already 11.45AM. So, you can leave now.

By attending all these sessions she will be busy and will be away from my sight, he sighed.

Sheena's mind went blank listening to that, did I say anything wrong to make him angry?

I just said "Thanks" okay? Bigboss you know how cruel you are? do you think I'm Robot 2.0 that can feed all the data at a time?




Rehaan walked over to Sheena and found she looked exhausted and dull.

didn't she arrive just now? why is she looking all exhausted?

Hey little Miss..! what's with that expression? did your mortal enemy say anything bad?

Trade Life Cycle...

Market values...

Agile Platforms...

and a reverse KT

Sheena looked like she was about to cry.

Hmm? what about those topics now? Rehaan asked with a question mark face.

It's 11.50AM now and I have to attend all these pieces of training from 12.00PM today.

Hey, do you think you are a ROBOT? How can you attend all these sessions in one day?

you also think it is too much right? it's really bad, right?

Big boss, Please talk to that Demon over there, Please save me.

Rehaan was amused looking at her pitiful expression, he knows that attending those training is mandatory, but it's not compulsory to attend all of them in a single day. Looks like certain someone is trying hard to push her away and maintain distance.



He patted on her head lightly and told let me try talking to him, those training are mandatory, I can't guarantee that I can change his mind. Is that okay?

Sheena nodded immediately. He laughed and left to discuss with Shaahir.

Shaahir was working seriously when Rehaan arrived, He didn't notice Rehaan's presence.

Rehaan didn't mind with greetings and went straight to the topic.

Hey man, don't you think it's too much for her to attend all the trainings in one day?

Oh! If you think it's too much why don't you attend one for her? Shaahir countered with a smirk on his face.

Rehaan was dumbstruck hearing that, in all those days he spent in IT, attending sessions was the part he hated the most.

Jerk, go to hell.

He walked away angrily. Shaahir couldn't help but laugh.

You think your "Knight in Shining Armour" can save you from me? I am "Evil Emperor" here.

After realizing what he thought, his lips curved into a bright smile, after being with her, his thoughts are becoming more and more childish like a teenager.

He knew that she would definitely curse him for making her attend those boring sessions.

But, when he thought of her pitiful expression while attending those sessions, he couldn't stop smiling.


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