IT Miss:My Frozen Life
36 You plan to swindle me?Fine!!
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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36 You plan to swindle me?Fine!!

You are not crying, right?

I am just rehearsing for the skit, Rehaan said while forcing out a smile.

Sheena didn't speak but gazed deep into his eyes. Rehaan felt suffocated under her gaze, he felt like, his pretense was seen through.

However, before he could say anything, the girl in front of him laughed out loud.

Big you think I'm a fool?? That much that I couldn't tell the difference between reality and acting????

Rehaan stared at her with a daze, not knowing what to say...

You know what, your acting skills are just horrible!!!! I can't stop laughing but controlled myself to give you some face. She smirked.

Rehaan didn't know whether to laugh or cry hearing that. He sighed, it's good that she has not seen through his facade.

Little did he know that Sheena had seen through him right from the beginning.

Big boss, you have to sponsor lunch today, at least you should do that because I watched your terrible acting okay??? She smiled mockingly.

So, you plan to swindle me today!!! Fine !!!

Both of them laughed...

on their way to the office, Rehaan suddenly remembered about Shaahir, his mood was terrible from the morning, what if this little one go straight to him and provoke him unknowingly??

Before he could warn her, Sheena walked straight to Shaahir's place. Although she didn't remember everything from last night, she remembered bits and pieces. She remembered Shaahir talking her to her room. On the top of that Disha told that he took care of her for entire 2 hours and informed her before leaving. So, she thought of thanking him.

She didn't notice his bad mood even the slightest.

He was always aloof and cold from the beginning, so couldn't find anything strange when she saw him working seriously without any worldly concerns.

She stood behind him and observed him for a moment, his fingers are flying over the keyboard with high speed that she couldn't even notice some words.

She understood why they say, '' men look extremely handsome while they are working passionately''

while she was busy gazing at him, Shaahir noticed someone stood behind him.

He turned back and was about to say something but stopped seeing Sheena's intense gaze over him.. it seems as if her eyes are filled by him entirely. He felt a faint gush of happiness rushing inside his heart.

He looked at her with bliss, but suddenly remembered his own vow that he promised himself to stay away from her.

He returned to his usual cold demeanor ...Do you have anything to discuss with me? he spoke with a rather cold and indifferent tone.

Sheena who was still in her own world gazing at him was startled by his tone, but she didn't actually hear what he said.

She smiled at him warmly, and said Shaahir "Thank you".

That innocent smile could melt one's heart instantly,Shaahir could feel his gaze softening.

No...I can't give up.she is nothing but a distraction, Shaahir shoo her away right now!!his rational side is ranting inside him continuously, but he couldn't be harsh to her, no matter how hard he tried.


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