IT Miss:My Frozen Life
35 A Hug and a Few words
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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35 A Hug and a Few words

Sheena found Rehaan on the wooden bench looking rather gloomy and lost.

She walked near to him and called him with her usual cheerful tone.

Hi, Good morning "Mr.Beauty"

Rehaan seemed like he didn't hear her at all. Not knowing what to do, she walked in front of him and waved at face.

Hey Rehaan, where are you lost? seeing that he is still not responding, she patted on his shoulder.

Boss, what are you thinking so hard about? new girlfriend again? she joked.

Seeing the angel like face in front of him, Rehaan came back to this world.

want some coffee??? looks like you are still in hangover like me, let's slack off on work today...

Please help me okay...

I don't feel like working at all.

that stone face king will kill me if he finds out..okay??Sheena chattered endlessly.

Rehaan looked into her bright eyes, how great it would be if I could be like her without any worries?

his mind was still in mess.

He pulled the girl who was chattering on her own and hugged her waist tightly. A tear dropped from his eyes. Sheena froze in shock with his sudden reaction. She tried to push him away out of shock, but he held her tight.

Let me be like this for a moment, just 2 minutes will be enough. Don't push me away... Please!!!

Now, who could have refused after hearing all those beautiful words from someone who looked so innocent and enchanting while he was just talking? Against all odds, Sheena found herself accepting his request

Sheena placed her hand over his head, I don't know what you are going through, but its gonna be alright. She said with a calm tone.

Rehaan felt his heart calming down instantly.

just ''a hug and a few words'' from her, soothed his heart like magic.

The first he realized after coming back to his senses was that he was still hugging her. He released her right at the moment.

He could not afford to show her the side of him that he had painstakingly tried to hide from others.

The side of him that longed for someone else's affection...

He quickly changed to his usual cool attitude, stood up and looked straight into her eyes.

looks like my acting skills improved a lot, Little one, you are moved by my skills, right?

You are not crying, right?

I am rehearsing for the skit, that we are going to play on our year-end anniversary.


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