IT Miss:My Frozen Life
34 Best Friend
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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34 Best Friend

Shaahir was in a very bad mood, since he returned from home. Everyone in team faced his wrath and cold attitude from morning. The man had an emotionless expression on his perfectly sculpted face.

Looks like your mood is just horrible, you returned from your home, didn't you? Rehaan asked with a concerned tone.

Don't act like you care, it's always like this from years, so don't mind me and carry on with your work, Shaahir replied with a rather indifferent expression on his face.

Man, i know it's been difficult for you , bearing all those people for years was really something!! but don't let it affect your present, you know what i mean right??

what do mean by "my present" Rehaan?

you know what i mean. Don't act rash and regret it later, Rehaan patted on his shoulder and was about walk out of the cubicle.

People like us doesn't have any line between our past and present , everything is entangled. Do you think we can leave our past and be happy? your dreams..he laughed, a glint of sadness appeared in his eyes whereas it disappeared in few seconds as if it never existed.

Rehaan froze in his steps for a moment, he left out a sigh and stormed out of the cubicle.

He found himself a curved wooden bench and collapsed on it. His thoughts were in mess, Shaahir's words resounded in his ears, People like us can't be happy?why? we didn't ask to be born in this way..we didn't ask for those luxuries, but why are we suffering like this?why??

Shaahir and him are best friends from kinder garten, they are practically inseparable until that incident,but now there are nothing more than colleagues. why does it have to be like this??

He was staring blankly into the sky, he was too lost in his thoughts that he didn't even notice hat someone was standing in front of him.

Sheena was still not completely out of hangover, it was her first time drinking and on the top of that she drank too much that she can't even remember what happened after shaahir dropped her in her room last night. She thought of having some coffee before going to work.

She grabbed a coffee and started walking to find a peaceful spot to enjoy her coffee.

At the time she was about to settle down in a human made hut, she found Rehaan on the wooden bench looking rather gloomy and lost.


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