IT Miss:My Frozen Life
33 The cutest man on the earth
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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33 The cutest man on the earth

Suddenly Shaahir felt a urge to tease her, he hugged her tightly and asked..

who is the cutest? Sehun or me??

Sheena replied with a ''huh?''

who is more cute? Me or that idol ? he asked again.

Sheena thought for a while, but she didn't know what to answer. At the end, she chose to play safe.

She looked at him and said, of course you are the cute one..

The cutest man on the earth i have ever seen!!!She exaggerated a bit.

He giggled hearing her answer, he leaned towards her and whispered gently, " you surely know how to make my mood better".

He had promised to keep himself on alert mode but seeing her drunk and acting all cute had definitely drove him crazy. Sheena fell into a deep slumber and she was sleeping innocently like a kid holding his arm.

He pulled her into his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead , when he was about to move on to place a kiss on her lips, his phone started ringing all of a sudden.He was pulled out from the magical moment and came back to reality instantly when he saw the number.

Shaahir got up from up the bed and walked to the tall windows in the room, he began to speak slowly afraid that he would disturb her sleep.

It was a call from his home from his nanny .

young master!! you need to come to home right at this moment, your mom and 2nd uncle started fighting again, the situation is quite chaotic, please come as soon as possible.

He snapped back to his senses hearing it, yes nanny i will be there in a couple of minutes, he spoke a few words and hung up the call.

He sighed and looked at the girl who is sleeping peacefully, as she has no concern about the cruel world outside . She is totally from a different world, and its impossible between us, i shouldn't pull her down into chaos along with me. This will be the last time , i would be this close to her. He promised to himself. He covered her with a blanket before walking out of the room.

He informed Disha that Sheena was quite drunk and he dropped her into her room before leaving the venue.


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