IT Miss:My Frozen Life
32 who is the cutest?Sehun or me?
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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32 who is the cutest?Sehun or me?

you better send his details or else I am going to call Aunt now, he growled.

Bro stop it will you?why are you interested in meeting by baby all of a sudden?

He is in Korea, he is a super star and popular idol. How can you meet him immediately??

and you are blackmailing me in the name of my mom..Tia was already on verge of tears.

so what if he is super popular idol,I'm going to crush him to death.How dare he??

wait??what did you say??he is an idol??

don't tell me you are his fan, and all fan girls call him hubby, Shaahir asked with a doubtful expression on his face.

of course! I am a die hard fan of his, he has millions of fan girls, and everyone call him hubby..but what does that have to do with you??

why are calling in the middle of night and asking me about my hubby??and on top of that you have scolded me. I'm gonna cry on. Tia pouted like a kid.

On knowing , Tia and Sheena are just fan girling a idol, Shaahir's mood became much better.

Sis, the next time I come home I am planning to bring a extra large carton of Ferrero Roucher chocolates, how does that sound??

Tia: fine, good.

ok then I am hanging up, Good night..he ended the call uprubptly.

Sheena was already in a doze when he finished the call, he hugged her from the back and asked Are you a fan of Sehun?

She replied with a hmm.

Do you like him?


do you hug him everyday??


Shaahir's mood dropped again..

before he could say anything, Sheena took her phone and opened a picture.

See how cute he is, I can't sleep without him.

Shaahir's lips curled into a smile after seeing the picture, the Sehun which Sheena mentioned is a human size Teddy bear.

so he is jealous of a teddy all this while??

he can't help but laugh at himself for being childish and go mad on his sister, just because he is jealous of teddy bear.

This is all because of her...he gazed at her for a while.

Suddenly he felt a urge to tease her, he hugged her tightly and asked..

who is the cutest? Sehun or me??


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