IT Miss:My Frozen Life
31 My hubby is busy
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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31 My hubby is busy

Shaahir's hands curled into fists..she sleeps while hugging a man everyday??????

He felt like shoving her hand which was holding him tightly, but didn't have the heart to push her away.

he gritted his teeth in frustration..She hugs a man named Sehun everyday??

but wait.. why does the name sound familiar??

I heard it somewhere....

he thought for a while.

then he suddenly remembered he heard 'that' name from his little sister.

He picked up his mobile and called his sister.

Shaahir's little cousin Tia,is still in high school, although he adores her,he rarely calls her.

Tia is surprised on getting a call from Shaahir, the question he asked next surprised her even more. you know a guy named Sehun?

yeah, I know him!!! , but why are you asking about him all of a sudden??She remembered mentioning she was a die hard fan of Sehun to him once..

is he a good guy??how is he like???

Tia was stupified hearing his question..

Big Brother I Know you care about me, but isn't it too much??

calling at midnight and asking about my boyfriend instead of asking about me??she pouted.

Now it was Shaahir's turned to be stunned..

what the heck??

That guy is Tia's boyfriend????

Just who in the world is he?? I am going to burn him alive if I found out who is he..

Tia immediately send me the details of this Sehun Guy..

His full name, what he does, where he stays, what his family does.. I want all the details..

I want to meet him immediately.

How dare he play with both his sister and his girl??

Big bro are you sure.. you want to meet him immediately..My hubby is very busy, he isn't someone we can meet him whenever we want..

Shaahir's burst into anger , when he heard his sister called 'that' guy as hubby.

Tia, who the hell are you calling hubby? I think I need to talk with Aunt , I am not going to support or protect you anymore from her.

you better send his details or else I am going to Aunt now,he growled.


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