IT Miss:My Frozen Life
30 I hug my Sehun everyday
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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30 I hug my Sehun everyday

Shaahir..sleep with me...

Shaahir: ???????????

Miss do you even realize what you are saying...can't you see i'm trying hard to control myself. His little brother and heart are sobbing inside.

The girl was like a charming nymph, draining all his rationality. He looked deep into her eyes, there was nothing but pure innocence in her eyes.

does she even know what she is saying?

before he could come to his senses , he felt a strong pull on his hand.

the girl who is fully drunk is trying hard to pull him into bed, he looked at her helplessly not knowing what to do...

Shaahir sleep here...she said patting the bed...

you know there are so many ghosts roaming here, they will eat you if you go outside...

don't you know , so many ghosts hide in big rooms and corridors like these..

she said hiding herself inside the blanket...

So you want me to sleep here because you are afraid that those ghosts will eat me?

she nodded her head repeatedly.

He didn't know whether to laugh or cry,

She is just afraid of ghosts. He sighed with relief...

He is relieved knowing her intention of asking him to sleep along with her, but a part of him was slightly disappointed.

how great would it be..if she really meant what she is saying...

He was surprised at his own thoughts

The girl was still holding his hand,waiting for his response..

He was supposed to shove her hand and walk away,but he crawled into the bed holding her hand as he was in trance.

She held his hand tightly afraid that that he would leave.

he smiled a little and asked are you afraid of ghosts???

she shook her head and i am afraid that you are afraid of ghosts,so sleep here for now.

he couldn't help but laugh hearing her answer.

how would you sleep at home alone then?

i hug my Sehun everyday while sleeping..he will protect me from ghosts..

Shaahir's hands curled into fists..she sleeps while hugging a man everyday??????


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