IT Miss:My Frozen Life
29 Shaahir..sleep with me!!!
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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29 Shaahir..sleep with me!!! are so cute...who are you?

you must be a celebrity right??????do you know me???

His face darkened hearing that...Crazy woman , just how much did she drink?????She cant even recognize me.....!!!!!!!!!

Shaahir tried to drag Sheena towards the team, who are still performing some plays and enjoying on their own. Sheena didn't move and shook her head and's boring.

He sighed and asked what do you want to do then?

i want to have another round of drinks...she giggled trying to pinch his cheek.

he want to shove her hand away,but her actions are too cute, they made him feel happy and sad at same time. He couldn't help surrendering himself to her.

As she doesn't want to stay in the party, he thought of dropping her in her designated room.

she was still swaying left and right while she was walking, so he held her with his hand wrapped around her shoulder.

as they started walking, Sheena bombarded Shaahir with endless questions. still didn't say who are you?

are you a celebrity?

are you a stalker?

do you like me? why are you following me? Do you have a girl friend?

or else are you a gigolo...i heard this resort supplies hot gigolos, i must you are so hot..

how much experience do you have?.. it went on..

Shaahir's patience reached its limit, he stopped in his steps and stared angrily at the woman who was currently hugging his neck.

I am Shaahir, your friend.

Do not test my self control. I will take you here right now if you don't behave.

Sheena blinked her eyes and calmed out finally, they finally reached the room that was allocated to her. When he dropped her on the bed and turned to leave, she suddenly caught his hand.





you are so hot...

he blushed so hard that his entire face turned red like a tomato..her next words made him speechless and run out of wits.

Shaahir..sleep with me...

Shaahir: ???????????

Miss do you even realize what you are saying...can't you see i'm trying hard to control myself. His little brother and heart are sobbing inside.


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