IT Miss:My Frozen Life
28 Mister, you are so handsome
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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28 Mister, you are so handsome

@@The Resort where the party is hosted has a man made lake,its a very scenic and romantic venue where you can dine in harmony with nature and each other.

Sheena got up and started walking towards the lake.Her head was spinning.

oh God!!!!!!why did i drink so much...

While walking, her body swayed left and right,she felt like the world was spinning..

She managed to reach the lake somehow...what a pleasant view.....but why is so cold here?

some members are still performing some cheesy plays, Sheena sighed inwardly...this people...can't they get over this romance boring...

she thought of walking away from there and got up, she wore high-heels to match with her long gown,as she was so drunk and combined with wet lake side, she slipped and lost her balance.

She closed her eyes as she felt her body falling backwards,suddenly a large hand grabbed her by her waist and pulled her into a warm embrace.

she felt a warm breath over her the lake side is not as cold as before..

she lifted her and saw a breath taking face glaring at her.

She blinked and blinked, wow what a handsome face, she suddenly has a urge to pinch his cheek.

she grabbed his face with her two hands, and stared deeply into his eyes.

Shaahir soul almost flew away from his body.....what is she trying to do??? His ears turned dark red.

she drew his face close to her and whispered..... are so handsome....

His lips curved upwards, a faint blush appeared on his face,but it disappeared at the very next moment after hearing her words... are so cute...who are you?

you must be a celebrity right??????do you know me???

His face darkened hearing that...Crazy woman , just how much did she drink?????She cant even recognize me.....!!!!!!!!!



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