IT Miss:My Frozen Life
27 20 shots of Vodka
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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27 20 shots of Vodka

Shaahir gaze never left Sheena once..the moment he noticed her.

Dressed in a long evening gown, she captured the attention of every male she passed. Her long hair, that was styled in layered-wavy curls was dancing in the air as she walked slowly.

Some of the members are performing a stage play Pirates and the Princess, the plot was rather cheesy and well known. The Pirate leader kidnaps the neighbor country princess for gaining wealth.

He thinks of torturing the princess at first,but ends up falling for her sweet gestures.

He treats the princess with his utmost sincerity and care and finally the princess falls for him.

they both get married and live happily forever.

Sheena sighed watching the ending, this kind of endings exists only in dramas and novels, when will i find my pirate,when will he love me? when will i get married?

when she is sighing at her own fate, she caught the sweet aroma of wine. Sheena wanted to try alcohol from a long time, not because she likes it..she just want to try it to satisfy her enthusiasm.

She immediately walked to the counter to order drinks and looked around to observe her surroundings. After making sure no one is watching her, she ordered a vodka shot...because she heard the name vodka in many dramas where the female leads drinks a lot of it when they go to parties.

The Bartender served her with a vodka shot and she gulped it in one go..

strange....why don't i feel any taste...maybe i drank it too hastily....

waiter one more it tastes good...waiter one more...

its very more please..

one more...

Shaahir is busy talking to a manager from other team, so he didn't notice Sheena.

By the time he noticed her, Sheena ended up drinking 20 shots of Vodka.


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