IT Miss:My Frozen Life
26 So sexy,he“s on a different level
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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26 So sexy,he“s on a different level

Rehaan was dazed....

He was mesmerized by her beauty.He kept on staring at her.

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Sheena walked to them and said, sorry guys,i am late, i was stuck in traffic, i really started early....

She didn't notice Rehaan's unwavering gaze at her, she was busy in excusing herself.

Disha noticed Rehaan and she coughed lightly and whispered...Boss are you going to eat her alive?

Rehaan glared at said she won't come...

i also don't know...

when i called her in the morning, she told most probably she wont come.

She said probably...and you just declared she is not coming??

Disha was dumbfounded by his question.

Sheena didn't understand what they are murmuring about.....Guys whats going on????

Nothing Rehaan is saying you are too pretty this evening. Disha blurted out the first thing that came into her mind.

Sheena blushed a little, really??am i looking good????

Rehaan nodded with a unwavering daze on his face.

Thank look so handsome today,Mr.Beauty.

ohh only today???? i am handsome everyday...say something new that is don't know..he pouted..all of them laughed and walked in.

Sheena greeted the team lead and others. Her gaze fell on Shaahir, he is talking with someone with his back facing her. She could see his side profile...

wowwwww.....he is so sexy that he's on a different level....

She and Shaahir are on cold war from the day he lectured her, they spoke only when it is absolutely necessary.But she couldn't stop herself looking at him, when he was about to turn, she immediately turned her back and walked near Disha.

He noticed her walking away...she has a dazzling aura..she looked extremely beautiful. She did not even need any words. Her existence itself was the highlight.

His gaze never left her once..the moment he noticed her.


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