IT Miss:My Frozen Life
25 Royal Princess
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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25 Royal Princess

Sheena's days went on easy and happy, a Cold Prince is protecting her from shadows, a elegant Prince is protecting her from front lines.

She felt something is amiss, but she thought she was just lucky..

Just as days passed, the Friday which had planned for an evening party arrived.

Rehaan wore black leather pants, a faded white poofy shirt,a three cornered pirate hat..he looked mystique like male god Appollo.

Shaahir wore a ripped black jeans, a white with a brown jacket on it... oozing with a sexy hot look.

Disha arrived with her friends wearing a Cinderella costume.

The party was in full boom..30 minutes passed by..

Sheena is no where to be seen, two pairs of eyes were waiting for her restlessly.

Rehaan can't bear it anymore. He went to Disha, who was enjoying with her team..

Disha..where is she???

She??? whom are you asking about?? Disha questioned with a confused look.

Who else?? Your Best Friend…

Oh Sheena!!! She might not come.. actually she is not interested in this kind of parties. Probably she would watching Tom and Jerry show enjoying her popcorn now.

Rehaan felt like someone dropped a heavyrock on his foot. She won't come???, why didn't she inform us??

Bigboss it's just a party, is there a need to inform's not like she skipped office without informing...and by the way..why should she inform you??Disha asked teasingly..

Rehaan gave her a cold look, and was about to say something….just then a SUV arrived at the venue..

Sheena got out and walked slowly towards them. She was looking like a goddess descended to earth.

She wore a long Sapphire blue gown.The most striking feature was the pattern on the body of the gown which looked like the blue and purple starry night sky...Most importantly, stars on the gown were comprised of brightly sparkling white Stones…

Coupled with a dreamy hair, and a stunning facial appearance, she is looking like a Royal Princess.


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