IT Miss:My Frozen Life
24 14 Girlfriends!!
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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24 14 Girlfriends!!

Sheena is quite surprised listening to Rehaan's description...Isn't this guy, an IT employee??

How can he know about fashion this well…??

Looking at their surprised expressions, Rehaan chuckled at little.

Looks like my choice is not that bad, do you guys like it??

Sheena smiled and nodded to him.

Boss how do you know about women's fashion this well?? Do you have a girlfriend??Disha questioned unable to suppress her curiosity…


I do have a girlfriend but not one..

Not one??Then how many???

It's 14…

Disha's jaw dropped once again….Boss what did say?? you have 14 girlfriends???

Even Sheena got surprised...14 girlfriends??? Big boss...You are really something..ha….

Disha is completely baffled….Boss do you think this is some noble era, where a prince can marry as many concubines he went..Are we shooting a historical drama here???

Rehaan was amused seeing their baffled looks….

Why????can't I have 14 girlfriends???….i am handsome though….i am thinking of making it 20 this year...What do you think..???

Disha doesn't whether to laugh or cry this time..Sheena I can't handle this boss of yours anymore...I am going to die…

I understand now...Why people say curiosity kills..I shouldn't have asked him..She wants to slap her own mouth😂

Mr.Beauty do you really have 14 girlfriends??

Sheena knows he is just joking, but she is really curious, the person standing is otherworldly beauty..He is really capable of having 14 girlfriends…

What do you think??...He asked a question instead..

You are capable indeed...She laughed…

I do have 14 friends at home, by chance they all happened to be I have 14 girlfriends..He explained….he doesn't want her to think of him as a player like others.

You have 14 girls at home???

Yeah….I guess you already know..Money attracts all kinds of people in the world... Especially relatives..

I have a large family indeed,he said with a grin...there is visible hint of sadness in his eyes.


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