IT Miss:My Frozen Life
23 Let me choose it for you
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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23 Let me choose it for you

Rehaan bent over a little to sneak a glance over Sheena's mobile. She kept on scrolling over a infinite number of dresses.

Hi young ladies, looks like you girls need my help...He said with a low voice.

Boss, could you be any less sneaky, at least make a sound when you come, I am scared to death.

You are scared of me??? I am the last person on the earth to harm you….you know...He pouted with a dejected expression like a kid.

He looks damn cute..I just wanna pinch his cheeks, Disha whispered with a low voice in Sheena's years. Although she said in a very low voice, it still didn't escape from Rehaan's ears.

He is gifted with excellent hearing skills.

Of course I'm cute...Who do you I am??he smirked evilly.

Boss what do you want to help us with??

I am going to help you to select your dress, aren't to guys struggling from 1hr??

Rehaan sir.. can you really help us to make a choice? Disha asked doubt fully..

Of course I can…

He grabbed the phone from Sheena's hand.

Let me choose it for you.... okay...he said with a gorgeous smile on his face...

As it's a night party let's go with something shining and sparkling okay….

This Red color ball gown suits you, it blends very well with your skin tone..

This blue color layered tulle gown looks great on you, as you have long legs.

These yellow coloured one….

These peach coloured one….

Rehaan gave 5 to 6 choices and described the most striking features of the dress and most importantly how well it suits Sheena.

Disha's jaw dropped with surprise….She and Sheena are best friends from 5 years, although they went for shopping many times,even she doesn't know what exactly suits Sheena.

How can Rehaan know what looks on Sheena???How????????????


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