IT Miss:My Frozen Life
22 Pirate and the Princess
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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22 Pirate and the Princess

The heavy workload took a toll on everyone, the whole team worked almost 12 hours per day, and they even pulled out all nighters some days.

All they had to do, is to correct the errors in codes, which are piled from years.

Writing your own code and fixing it might be easy, but the code, which someone else did... and that too..years ago is extremely difficult. to fix.They split the number of problems to be solved by their capabilities.

Rehaan got the max number of problems to solve,as he is considered to be in god-level in fixing errors.

Sheena is a new joinee,so she is somewhat free compared to other people in the team.

She had a photographic memory, so she learned the things very quickly compared to others, although her progress can't be compared with Shaahir and Rehaan, she is able to cope up with other teammates.

Everyone worked their asses off for 15 days. They closed 95% of the tickets.

The end user was quite impressed by the results, he threw a party along for the team with the appreciation.

Their team only had only 8 members, so they invited the others teams from similar departments., which includes Disha's team.

They finally decided to host the party Friday evening , so that they can rest on weekends.

The theme of the party is Pirate and the Princess. She blushed thinking how hot her two princes will look in pirate costume.

Sheena called Disha to come to her desk to discuss about the dress , they should wear to the party.

They discussed for an hour, but didn't come to an agreement. Sheena started scrolling all the pictures of her Cinderella frocks in the mobile.

Rehaan is watching them from 30min, and he thought they are discussing about some serious issue and it is still going on..

He got up from his seat slowly without making sound and walked to her desk, when he peeped into her mobile, he immediately understood what they are discussing about!!

Are they discussing about dress from one hour??? Girls are really crazy when it comes to dressing.!!!!!


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