IT Miss:My Frozen Life
21 You are crazy
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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21 You are crazy

Everyone in the team is happy with Rehaan return.

It was a heavy workload season. Rehaan is not only smart, he can enlighten the team spirit with his endless motivation but also can light up the mood with his wits at the same time.

Shaahir and Rehaan can be considered as polar opposites in personality.

Both of them are extremely smart but Shaahir is as cold as south pole,While Rehaan is warm as a summer breeze.,with whom one can get along very easily.

It's same with Sheena, she know Rehaan only for one day, but she felt like she had known him from eternity.

He kept on talking for entire day , sharing his travelling experiences, his girlfriends, his food experiences in the world tour.

Rehaan entry filled up the team with a weird happiness, that they almost forgot for a month.

The team lead who always growls and screams at everyone, seems to have a good bond with Rehaan. She stayed very calm till evening., laughing at his jokes once in a while.

Mr.Beauty everyone seems to be very happy for you return..Sheena said with a bright smile.

Forget about everyone, what about you ??Are you happy?? He asked painting a slight serious expression on his face..

Mr.Beauty that's a bad question, I am not here when you left, I don't even know your name till this morning, frankly I don't know anything about you. So how can I feel happy or sad???

Yeah you are right...That's a bad question then..He face showed a hint of sadness in his face. She said she doesn't know him...but the sad expression disappeared in seconds.

He turned to be his usual self and asked..How about we do this...You learn everything about me in a month,then I will leave and come back . I will ask the same question then..What do you think??

Mr.Beauty you know what??you're…..

Hmm I'm ???

You are crazy..

Both laughed out happily....


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