IT Miss:My Frozen Life
20 As far as possible
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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20 As far as possible

When Shaahir found out everything was a joke, complicated emotions filled up his mind.

He thought that he was an extremely determined man and didn't have strong interests in anything.

Since young, he was thought to control his emotions, to stay calm always. To stay level headed every time. Because having emotions could only hinder your success.

But it was different when it came to Sheena.

She could stir his emotions.

He clearly know he shouldn't get involved in any kind of relationships, falling in love with someone was a distant dream which he couldn't afford at this time.

His mind reminds him that he should stay from her, but his heart just doesn't listen.

He is just like the moth running towards the light, he might get burned, but he's in the game.

and once he is in, he cant go back.

so what if he can't love her, he can still protect her by staying in shadows. He doesn't want to her fall for a playboy like Rehaan.

Rehaan is a good person by nature and extremely talented. He is a good friend and a good guide, but when it comes to girls, he always welcomed pretty woman with open arms, and he was known to be an infamous playboy in their circle.

Even though he is good to Sheena now, it would be only for a short while. when he found a new girl, he would ruthlessly cut off ties with old girlfriend. Shaahir doesn't want Sheena to face heart break like the other girls.

So he should keep her away from Rehaan, as far as possible.

Everyone walked back to their desks, it was a year end so workload was very heavy, everyone's schedule is fully packed.

so when Rehaan returned everyone was happy,because he could share their workload, there is only one exception..Shaahir.


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