IT Miss:My Frozen Life
19 It“s a joke
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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19 It“s a joke

By the way Rehaan, how do you know Sheena?

She is my Girlfriend!!!!

Shaahir felt like someone stabbed him in his heart.He spaced out for a moment, before he snapped back to his senses,his emotions grew violent.

He felt a cold chill run through his body, the pain felt uncontrollable..

No wonder Rehaan ran towards her immediately at the moment she entered.

No wonder She smiled brightly at Rehaan from the beginning.

No wonder they seemed so close.

No wonder she didn't give a damn, when he mocked her in the morning.

No wonder she looked so indifferent, inspite of listening all bitter words he said to hurt her.

No wonder she….there are so many no wonder's..

She never had him in her mind all along.

Shaahir felt like someone held his heart and squeezing it hard..

Sheena came into her senses, while Shaahir is still in daze.

She glared at Rehaan..Mr.Beauty when did I become your Girlfriend???

Shaahir was super confused hearing it…

Hey hey I am just joking..why must you take it so seriously..

Is it that you are actually waiting to become my girlfriend..he said teasingly… Sheena gave him a small punch and gave out a relaxed smile.

She is used to this healthy flirting,as she is quite popular in her college days.

But to Shaahir, who is as cold and distant as south pole, he never cared about girls and was never involved in any kind of flirting, it was quite a blow.

he thought all of it was true, and he had no chance to be with her.

when he heard all of it was all lie, and it was just a joke,complicated emotions interwove in his heart. He started to tremble.


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