IT Miss:My Frozen Life
18 She is my Girlfriend
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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18 She is my Girlfriend

I will be dead if he is Rehaan.I must be dreaming, someone pinch me and wake me up from this nightmare...Please!!!!!!!!!

Sheena is screaming hard in her head.

Rehaan let me introduce you to the new member of our team..She is Miss s...

who is introducing whom to whom??Rehaan interrupted Shaahir.

you know her already???

yeah we know each other.

Rehaan laughed.

Rehaan walked towards Sheena, he leaned towards her ear and whispered..Little one,we met again.will you tell me your name now??

Sheena...Sheena Morgan..

Of Sheena.. beautiful name!!

How is the team??


How is the work??


How do I look??


He laughed out loud, hearing her dumb answers..

I'm not going to eat you,no need to be so nervous..he said with a beaming smile..

Sheena relaxed a bit..he won't remember all the nonsense I spoke right??He doesn't seem that petty. I unnecessary felt nervous, Sheena Mr.Beauty is a nice guy..relax

Just at that moment, he leaned towards her and don't need to worry about anything from on, I will help you to get revenge on the Stone Prince okay???

She smiled at him a awkwardly... revenge my foot...he remembered everything...every single thing I told him.. Sheena who asked you to be such a blabber mouth..die now!!!!

While Sheena and Rehaan are conversing on their own.. certain someone's heart is burning..

If looks could kill a person, Rehaan would be dead by now.

What are they talking about?looks like they are did they get to know each other?? she smiling at him??

Shaahir couldn't bear anymore, he walked towards them in quick leaps.

Rehaan..Sheena is working on Howard chemicals task with me..he blurted out.

She is mine,stay away from her..that's what he actually meant to say..

Oh I thought it's already completed.. isn't it Sheena??

She nodded with a yes..

By the way Rehaan, how do you Sheena??

She is my Girlfriend!!!




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