IT Miss:My Frozen Life
17 Mr.Beauty is Rehaan??
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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17 Mr.Beauty is Rehaan??

After leaving Mr.Beauty with a goodbye, Sheena had a coffee and rushed to her desk immediately. It's been more than a hour since she came out.

By the time she went in, everyone seemed to be waiting for her. What's going on ?? She asked the guy sitting next to her.

We are waiting for you from 30min, we have a meeting now.

OMG !!! meeting again?? For what??She asked with a tensed face.

You don't know?? Our superstar REHAAN returned from his long leave, our good days are about to begin!! He exclaimed happily.

Ohh!! Is Rehaan that great that he could bring good days to this crazy team??

Thinking all the way she entered the meeting room with a blank expression, he found herself a empty seat and quickly adjusted.

She lifted her head to see the people in the room and she saw a extremely familiar face sitting in the centre of the room ...


Blood drained from her face., What's Mr.Beauty doing here in our meeting room ?? He take the nonsense I said to heart and came to complain to the lead right?? But I didn't even tell my name to him..How did he find me??

Don't tell me...He followed me on my back to office..Fear creeped into her mind.Her thoughts are running wild.

Let's welcome our buddy Rehaan back, the team leads voice rung in her ears, she was shocked silly.

Mr.Beauty is Rehaan???Wait Rehaan is Mr.Beauty??it shouldn't be like this, I just spoke all kind of nonsense to him.

I will be dead if he is Rehaan.I must be dreaming, someone pinch me and wake me up from this nightmare...Please!!!!!!!!!


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