IT Miss:My Frozen Life
16 Goodbye Mr.Beauty
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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16 Goodbye Mr.Beauty

are you crying because you got an appreciation?? you are unique indeed, you can cry all you want, I will lend you my shoulder. He mocked her lightly.

boss you think I am that foolish, why will I cry for getting appreciation?? and who wants to to cry????

ohh you don't want to cry??think's rare to get to cry on my shoulder, the previous girl who cried kept on weeping until my shirt got all wet..he laughed proudly ..

Good for you...! I don't want to cry at all, I don't want to feel bad at small things like this..why everyone is mocking me today?

everyone is mocking you? who else mocked you other than me? lets shoot them out okay??he asked with a concerned expression.

who else... that Stone faced prince, he thinks he is the Almighty king of the world, and the whole world revolves around him. I just got a small escalation and she started shouting on me.

you know what he told me?? I can't even switch a browser page without his he crazy?? Even high school kids know how to create web pages these days..what does he take me for??

He is all good 2days ago , he just returned from leave and now he is behaving like he is possessed.

I hate him to death, she pouted endlessly.

Wow!!!!!my little baby , is cuter than expected,

Situation is worser than expected..Shaahir I can't save you this time.Seems I have a better chance this time. He smiled evilly.

Mr.Beauty thanks for listening to me . I feel good now , it's been quite some time since I came here, my team will be waiting for me..see you later,bye . She waved at him.

Hey little kid , won't you even tell your name to me? He asked to her disappearing back.

She turned and told, I will tell you if we meet again.Silver is a 100 acre campus with many multiple story buildings have numerous projects. Unless and until if Mr.Beauty doesn't belong to the same project, there is no way of seeing him again. At least that's what she believed.

After leaving Mr.Beauty with a good bye , Sheena had a coffee and went to her team.


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