IT Miss:My Frozen Life
15 Mr.Angel/Mr.Beauty
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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15 Mr.Angel/Mr.Beauty

Sheena turned around to see from the alluring voice came from. She found a breath taking face with glimmering eyes staring at her.

Angel??? she blurted it out unknowingly

The Angel standing standing behind her chuckled faintly, its a smile which can destroy the world. Did Silver tech gather all beauties inside it. There is one beauty inside the office and I found one here, she wondered.

Thinking about the person inside the office, her face turned gloomy again.

The sudden change in her expression caught the eye of mr.Angel. He came in front her and asked miss cry baby will you tell this Angel why are you sitting with a sad face and ready to cry? Broke up with your boyfriend?? If that's the case..let me know, I can fix it very well. where can you find a boyfriend better than me, he said teasingly.

Her gloomy face cracked and she let out a smile.

Mr.Beauty I am not in mood to enjoy your jokes you know...So don't mind me.

Then tell me what kind of mood you are in..I'm really good at listening, he exclaimed.

Mr.Angel is not from our project right? Hey.. no way our project doesn't have any beauties except for one guy, anyway I didn't see him in our project even once,so I can relax.

she really want to vent out her anger somewhere, Mr.Beauty came at right time.

Mr.Beauty you know, I am very good at my work, I always overflow with ideas all day long. I just joined a month back, i already completed my first fix. I even got an appreciation you know...?

Then why are you about to cry now?For getting a appreciation??he asked her teasingly..


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