IT Miss:My Frozen Life
14 Gloomy Goddess
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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14 Gloomy Goddess

Sheena went straight to her desk from the meeting room, she logged in into her machine, she read the remaining mails robotically.

she couldn't concentrate on her work at all. I had to relax for some time and everything will be alright, she thought to herself and called Disha. Disha's phone is off, she had a habit of switching off her mobile whenever she is super busy.

sheena thought my luck is not good today, I will go out on my own..she got up and walked outside, her eyes are getting foggy as if she going to burst at any moment.

she walked aimlessly for quite a distance. Silver tech is located in 100 seems to endless if a person starts to walk. After walking for 15min, she didn't feel like walking anymore. She found herself a beautifully curved wooden bench and sat on it with her palms on her face.

She promised herself that she wouldn't cry for petty issues at work, but her tears are on verge of her eyes. She didn't know whether she felt bad for getting escalation or because that person scolded her endlessly.

She looked like a gloomy goddess from distance. Sheena is not a breathtaking beauty but she had her own charms, her cute face can easily pull out one's heartstrings.

She kept her palms against her face covering her face. She doesn't want to get more embarrassed by making others see her weeping like a kid in the office. Even though the people walking around doesn't know her, she doesn't want to get noticed by them and get a cry baby image.

She is trying hard to suppress her tears from falling out. Someone patted on her back suddenly and said it's OK.. you can cry, she turned to see who is it and got shocked ...


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