IT Miss:My Frozen Life
13 Retribution
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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13 Retribution

Did I just go overboard?? Shaahir heart shook, he glanced at her for a minute, there is no change in her expression.

Hey hey I know she is strong, she won't cry for this petty issues right?? He convinced himself.

Don't do the same mistake again, get the emails reviewed by someone before sending, he spoke with the same cold tone.

She stared at him for a moment and said OKAY with a tone as cold as him.

He got surprised seeing her cold face, it was the first he felt she is a different person. She doesn't look like her usual self at all.

He tried hard to read her expression to find whether she is angry or sad, but there is no change in her expression at all, it's as if the person in front of her doesn't exist and she doesn't care about anything.

He suddenly felt someone stabbed his heart with a sharp knife. It would have been better if she got angry or even if she cried. He could soothe her if she is angry or sad, but now he doesn't even know what she is thinking.

Is it retribution for him for putting on a cold face for years and torturing others, so now he is getting the same punishment??

he thought for a while and said do you have anything to say?? she didn't reply..and had the same robotic face.

if there is nothing you can leave now..and she left the room.

he leaned back in his chair leisurely, his thoughts are running wild..isn't this what I want? I shouldn't think of her, I should get distant with her, or else she might become an obstacle for my future mission. It's the right thing to be cold with her. But why is he feeling this bad?? why?????


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