IT Miss:My Frozen Life
12 Overboard
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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12 Overboard

Sheena entered into the meeting room quite normally. She doesn't know she is going to return to her desk totally disappointed with a certain someone in a few minutes.

Shaahir saw the casual look on her face, doesn't she feel nervous at all? is my face not scary enough?? with this thought, he twitched his face and appeared as cold as possible.

Sit, he said with a grim voice.

Do you know why I called here?? He asked with a domineering tone.

Yeah….it might be regarding the escalation. She replied in a low tone.

Good that you know, this is the first in this year that our team received an escalation and that too from an executive director.

All thanks to you, he said mockingly.. you must feel great ha...

Sheena froze for a moment, what happened to him all of a sudden? She made a lot of mistakes, more worse than a primary school kid when he was training her. He never mocked her but explained every single thing multiple times without complaining even once.

You...Are you listening to me?? You think you became an expert just because you completed a single task. That's just because I helped you. You don't even know how to switch a page in the UI, you don't even know how to form a page layout.

Did you even attend the training? How did you even get into this project? Did you bribe anyone? You don't even know how to send a mail???

After mocking her continuously for 10min, he looked at her.

He wasn't sure if he was seeing things, but he saw something like glistening of water beneath her eyes.

She is not going to cry right? Did I go overboard??


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