IT Miss:My Frozen Life
11 Shaahir, you idio
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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11 Shaahir, you idio

She just went to her desk and logged in into her machine and started checking her emails.

Meeting room in 10 minutes, Shaahir's cold voice rung in her ears. She looked at him with a question mark in her face. He is looking as handsome as ever. A faint blush appeared on her face.

Shaahir's heart shook seeing her blushed face. Shaahir control !! Maintain your composure..No, she is looking too cute, continue looking at her.

His inner demon and cupid are fighting with each other. He finally controlled his thoughts and turned to leave towards the meeting hall.

He just came from leave and I just came to office, what's there to discuss? Sheena thought while checking her remaining emails.

At the end of the mails, she saw a mail with high importance and that was the escalation mail. She read through it. Is that even a big deal to send an escalation. That too it's my first time. Crazy lady!!! Crazy system!!! She thought to herself.

Now she understood what Shaahir wants to discuss, maybe he wants to give her some tips. She doesn't that's only her wishful thinking.

While she was reading the mails, a certain someone is trying to adjust his mood in the meeting room.

Shaahir you idiot, if you can't even guard yourself towards that girl's blush, how are going to lecture her now? What happened to that cold prince demeanor of yours which made the previous Juniors run away in terror?

hold on yourself ..will you??

Shaahir finally got into his angry young man look, ready to pounce on Sheena, I should be as harsh as possible, he thought to himself.


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