IT Miss:My Frozen Life
10 Teach her a lesson
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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10 Teach her a lesson

Shaahir leave was completed and he has a habit of reaching office earlier than everyone.

He arrived at 9 AM sharp in the morning.

The team lead was the next one to arrive. Seeing Shaahir in his desk, she started shouting on him.

How did you train that girl?? She doesn't follow any rules. She doesn't have any responsibility. She got an escalation from the executive director.

She made a mess and didn't even come to the office up to now. She ruined our team's reputation. What a girl!!!!

Shaahir was flabbergasted hearing the team lead's endless rumbling. I was out on leave just for 2 days..What did this LITTLE one get herself into?? What did she do to get an escalation from an ED??

He opened his mailbox, searched for the escalation mail, it was not that big issue as the team lead told, she just exaggerated the issue, He sighed in relief.

You teach her a lesson today or else I will take care of her, the lead mumbled again.

Yeah, I will take care...Shaahir replied in a low voice.

But what lesson I should teach her? It's not even a big issue…

Wait...Didn't I think I shouldn't be lenient towards her and maintain my composure ?? This might be a good chance. I will lecture her a little.

Sheena came to office at her regular time, she saw everyone put on a long face while working. She didn't know what happened. She thought of cheering up the people and told Good morning in a loud voice. She received pitiful looks from the people.

What's with these people today and what's with their pitiful looks??


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