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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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9 Trouble

Sheena chitchatted with Disha for some time and got into work later. It was a mundane day and passed quickly.

She left early for the day and went to a spa for relaxation. She got a body massage, hair mask and went for a mini shopping late in the evening with Disha.

while she is relaxing herself, she doesn't know that a certain someone with a cold face is thinking about her.

what would she be doing now, did she ever think of me in the two days? at least once??

No, I shouldn't think about her, I should clear those crappy thoughts from my mind. isn't that the reason I took leave?? I shouldn't be lenient towards her, I should maintain my composure.

Sheena started coughing, Disha I think someone is cursing me now, is it you? are you bad mouthing about me in your mind because I didn't buy you that lipstick??

Sheena do you think I am that petty?? Disha pouted putting a cute face. Sheena patted on her head and said okay pretty lady, let's go it's already late.

She already had dinner with Disha, so she slept early, she doesn't know anything about the trouble that was brewing on her back.

The executive director of the client side is a strict follower of rules, she doesn't even spare the slightest mistake. The mail which Sheena sent with a few extra recipients caught her eye. The extra people are from another internal team of Silver tech and there is an internal discussion mail chain attached to it.

She immediately escalated it without any hesitation.

An escalation from an executive director??? That too in a few months from joining?? the team lead's head started spinning with fury and helplessness.


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