IT Miss:My Frozen Life
8 Missing Him
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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8 Missing Him

After sending the mail to the client., Sheena relaxed for a while. She completed her daily tasks and sighed, as usual, it's a boring day.

She glanced at the empty desk in the corner.

it's as clean as that person sitting over there never existed. Although he is in the mute mode most of the day, she still missed his presence.

while she is in her own thoughts someone slapped on her back tightly..she turned immediately and saw a bright face starting at her.. Disha why did you beat me that hard, it's painful.

Disha is a good friend of Sheena from the training days, she usually comes to find Sheena whenever she feels like slacking off work, but this time she found Sheena slacking off and daydreaming instead.

What is it, madam? are you missing your cold prince already? want me to give him a call? She started teasing.

Sheena was astonished hearing it that obvious?? is it written over my face that I am missing him??

How many days it's been since I know's just a month, I have seen so many handsome guys in college in which many of them still want to stick together with her. In spite of having so many handsome guys around her, why will she miss shaahir?? No way..she convinced herself.

She kept a cold face, glared at Disha and told...who is missing who? I don't miss anyone. Disha don't listen to that nonsense rumors, will you?


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