IT Miss:My Frozen Life
7 Unknown Trouble
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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7 Unknown Trouble

Cute...why did he think she is cute?? Shahir's thoughts were messed up. He thought he should clear his thoughts. His mission is to complete 2 years in silver tech and then he would follow his own dreams after that.

In between, he doesn't want any disturbances in his plan. Any means any..he already endured it for 1.3 years and he has only a few months left to complete his mission given by that person.

if he endured it for a few more months, he can go back to his his family again. So he doesn't want any interruptions in between.

The workaholic god applied for a 2 day leave to clear the crap out of his mind.

Sheena ...where is the mail I asked you to send to the client? her team lead is practically shouting ... isn't it supposed to be reviewed by Shaahir??

Her lead rolled her eyes and told Shahir is on leave, I reviewed the content already so, you can send it. Don't depend on Shahir for everything!!

what the heck? when did I depend on him for everything? I can do my work on my own, but where is he?? doesn't he always say taking leaves in mid of the week is bad?? why did he suddenly take a 2 day leave without even prior information, that too with no reason? Weird guy..uffff.....!!!!!!!!

why am I even thinking about him? I am not depending on him..and I don't miss him at all.

(author: you don't miss him? really??)

with so many question marks in her head, she sent the mail, just with a few extra recipients and an unwanted mail chain to the client.

by adding those extra recipients and a unwanted mail chain..she didn't realize that she got herself into a unknown trouble.


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