IT Miss:My Frozen Life
6 Cute..!!
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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6 Cute..!!

How dare you????

Sheena was startled hearing those words.

I'm gone. He is really Angry...

My future days will be like walking on rocks from now on. But, wait what did I even say wrong??

I called him handsome shouldn't he be happy?? He is not happy to be called as handsome by a girl..that means he should be happy when a man calls him handsome..that means.....


He is gay???

realization hit her hard. She is very nervous and glanced blankly at him.

He realized she is gazing at him with her puppy eyes...he suddenly asked Am I handsome?????

Sheena blinked hard, she doesn't know what to say... didn't he get angry just now, because I called him handsome, why is he asking that question again??😢

He repeated again Am I handsome?????

she thought for a moment and told...NO

His face became dark hearing that. Sheena felt that the temperature in the surroundings suddenly fell for few degrees.

Am I not handsome???? He asked again

That's not what I meant... actually you are...

He took a glimpse at her.. nervousness is written all over her face. I'm just joking with her, why is getting scared. Didn't she always want to chat casually with me?? He felt wronged all of a sudden

(author: Joking with a cold face.. you will make her run away man😂)

But she looked so CUTE right now..the usual chatterbox is all nervous in front of him.

wait what did he think now..cute?? .He is surprised at his own thoughts. In 25 years, this is the first time he felt that a girl is looking

Cute....(Man she is damn cute).


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