IT Miss:My Frozen Life
5 How dare you?
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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5 How dare you?

Is he as good as you in work???

her question is ringing in his mind, but he has no answer. Why would she suddenly compare him with someone else? what's going on...

Shahir usually doesn't like the workplace comparisons..his work, his time that's it.

But when Sheena compared him with someone else he didn't get angry as usual.

He is rather confused why would she ask that, because he knew her very well. She never bothered about anyone's work level.

He expected that she would rather ask if Rehaan is talkative or is he a funny guy.

( you got to know her very well man😉)

rather than wondering to himself, he thought it would be better if he asks her.

Sheena why are you asking about Rehaan's work level?? Do you want to work him?? you got bored of working with me already??

Boss what are you are the godfather of our project..okay...I just blurted out some nonsense.. let's forget about it okay..

Sheena..I asked why?? She saw a rare glint in Shahir's I dreaming? this guy knows how to tease people? really???

Sheena doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.. Shahir is gazing at her intensely. She cursed herself for comparing a workplace God like him with someone else.

Did he get angry?? what to do??

Boss don't look at me that....let me think what to say to cover up.

She suddenly he as handsome as you??

Shaahir thought he is handsome as me?? a rare smile appeared on his face..he looked as he came out from a beautiful painting.

But it lasted only for a few seconds and he pulled out his usual cold demeanor and asked

How dare you?????



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