IT Miss:My Frozen Life
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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Sheena practically lived in the office for the next 10 days. With Shahir's devotion to work, her first task progress is like a marathon run.

In 15 days she almost completed 90 percent.

Sheena, you would receive an appreciation at this rate... Shahir exclaimed!!

Sheena grinned her teeth..she thought she will receive a psychiatrist invitation If she continues like this.

Rehaan will be working from next week, I got a message from him..the team lead told happily.

Sheena blinked her eyes twice...who is this Rehaan now?? Don't tell me he is another workaholic Robot ..If so it's better if he doesn't come. God save me.

Sheena wanted to ask Shahir about Rehaan, Who is he? how is he like? is he handsome? is he talkative? She had all kinds of questions in her mind. She stared at Shahir blankly for a minute.

Shahir noticed Sheena gaze, and she looked pale thinking something and immersed in her own thoughts.

Sheena..what are you daydreaming about..his voice suddenly rang and Sheena came out of her world. She suddenly blurted is Rehaan same as you?

What does she mean by same as you?? Shaahir looked at her with a question mark in his face.

Sheena realized what she asked..what the heck did she blurt out... actually, what she meant to ask is, is Rehaan also a workaholic Robot like you??

Thank God..she didn't say it out or else Shahir would have turned her into minced meat.

Shahir is still looking at her waiting for an answer, what do I say to cover up the situation??

She thought of something Rehaan as good as you in work??????

Shahir: ...???.....


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