IT Miss:My Frozen Life
3 The Innocent Guy
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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3 The Innocent Guy

Seeing Shahir's flushed face for the first time, she couldn't help but laugh. But when it repeated for a few times she doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.

If this goes on, how is she going to live??? Should she live as a mute talking only about work??

For people who are introverts and workaholic, it might not be a problem but for Sheena who values fun more than's the biggest problem now.

The same scenario continued for a month and there is no improvement in Shahir in terms of EQ. But time doesn't wait for anyone, it's already time for Sheena's first task in the project, where she is supposed to collaborate with shaahir for a month.

Her thoughts are running wild...This innocent kid again?? How will I survive for a month with him, without talking anything??

At that moment, a thought suddenly crossed her mind.. an evil glint can be seen in her eyes. She decided to turn that innocent scaredy cat, coward turtle into a Wild goose.

In her perspective, this task is more important than her first project task as it's her survival issue. To achieve this she should make him to her more than with anyone, but the only thing that can make him talk for now is work.

With this idea, she started to work on her first talking and trying to improve Shahir's EQ relentlessly. She spoke for five days continuously, but everything is regarding work.

(At the end of the 5th day...

Sheena: Who am I..what am I..I may be some working robot in silver tech.

Shaahir: I can finally discuss work continuously for 5 days with a person... Interesting!!!! )


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