IT Miss:My Frozen Life
2 The Beginning: 2 years Ago
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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2 The Beginning: 2 years Ago

When the placement head blurted out loudly... Sheena, you are selected into Silver Tech. She can't believe her ears and she pinched herself to see if she was dreaming.

But when the pain the shot sharp and the area she pinched turned dark red, she realized it wasn't a dream.

The first thing she did was to call her mom's and tell Mumma I got selected into silver tech.

A few months later:

After a few months of hellish training and assessments, she got into a reputable project in Silver tech.

That was the beginning of her nightmare.

The technology she was trained in and the project she is working had no relation at all.

Shaahir you will be training Sheena from today, the team lead's voice suddenly rung. Shaahir who was sitting in the corner of the cubicle nodded silently in response to the lead.

Shaahir is a cold faced and talented guy who spoke very less. His black suit was neatly pressed and cut in a way that nicely emphasized a man's shoulder and waistline. His white shirt, navy blue tie, shiny cufflinks, and strong hand spread on the table all contributed to his introverted but stable aura. And when he lifted those deep eyes to gaze at you, you could clearly feel the quiet yet strong aura that was unique to him.

Sheena couldn't help but get mesmerized, but being an extrovert, she thought that her project training days will be damn tough with a silent guy, as she favors entertainment over work.

She strictly believes that if there is no significant amount of fun in the workplace, that place is no different from a boarding school.

In spite of all these, she observed a rather funny thing in shaahir, when she tries to take anything other than work, his cheeks would be flushed red and he will run away immediately to his place. Silly innocent guy... She thought in her mind.


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