IT Miss:My Frozen Life
1 My Frozen Life
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IT Miss:My Frozen Life
Author :Sheena_Morgan
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1 My Frozen Life

Why the hell is my life is so boring without any color, looking at the bright moon her thoughts started to run wild.

She is a software employee at the Multinational MNC, where many people dream to get in. She had a six digit salary by which she can enjoy her life with luxury. She had a caring boyfriend (with a fiery temper though).

But nothing is making her happy. She is feeling like her life is frozen at the same point from two years.

Dealing with IT politics every day and with such a hot-tempered boyfriend, she thought of ending her life many times.

She wanted to beat that guy, who almost flirts with all young women regardless of their position. She wants to break the legs of her team lead who endlessly walks to her cubicle torturing her to work more than 10 hours a day, she hated her manager who expects her to basically live in the office, regardless of her situation, there is only one thought in her mind.. What kind of life is this, I have to change...

She came up with an escape plan.

Plan no. 1: Resign and escape from this company.

Plan no. 2: Escape from the clutches of her so called Boyfriend and his and her best friend.

Plan no. 3: Make a grand comeback and take revenge on her boyfriend for cheating on her (cheating!!! Oh, not really!!!!)

Plan no. 4: Get as much as eye refreshment (watching handsome guys lol!) as possible.

Plan no. 5: should go to Korea and meet her favorite idols and stay there permanently enjoying the eye refreshment.

But she happened to stumble on THAT thing one day, which changed her life completely.

She ended up being a prodigy stepping on people who played with her, and she turned her colorless life as a pupa to colorful butterfly again.

Who is she?? And what's the thing she found that changed her life completely??


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