I love being alone
1 Chapter 1
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I love being alone
Author :Cerelen
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1 Chapter 1

Shi Deng : Have you ever took a look around and saw all the people around you? What they're doing? I've seen people lie, fake smiles and even cheat on their best friends. This world is filled with horrible people. They never change and even become worse with time. I grew up observing my surroundings and I learned that humans are terrible people.

Shi Deng : My parents thought I was weird, a freak for not interacting with other people. I was shunned by my family for this very reason. I didn't pay much attention to my family after I was thrown away like a piece of trash. Instead I was always in my thoughts, or I was reading a book. I can't even count the number of books I have read. I know I have read enough books to be considered a bookworm. I have also studied technology to its very core. I know how to make a computer, how to hack a phone and how to hack a secure school network. I am seen as a genius by people but I just have a lot of time on my hands since I don't deal with other people.

I'm still in highschool and I don't have a single friend. I usually sleep in class since I don't learn anything from the teacher. Today was no different. Ms. Fuji, my math teacher, was babbling nonsense in the front of class. I put my head down and before I could fall asleep, I heard something hit my desk.


Shi Deng lifts his head and saw Ms. Fuji staring daggers at him.

Ms. Fuji : Shi Deng, I know that you think that this class is not important but I will not accept sleeping in my class. Since you never pay attention in my class, you will have 2 hours of detention after school.

Shi Deng : I couldn't care less. Now, can I go back to sleep or do I have to keep listening to your annoying voice?

Every boy in class stared at Shi Deng with murderous eyes. Ms. Fuji is the biggest beauty in school. She had big boobs, a nice round ass, and beautiful curves in all the right places. She was gorgeous, but to Shi Deng she was the most hideous person he knew. She puts on a smile for all her friends, family, and students but he knew who she was inside. She hates her students for looking at her with lustful eyes and so do her friends. Shi Deng hates how she tries to be perfect but she is an actual bitch.

Ms. Fuji : Well then I'm going to make it 3 hours of detention!! Humph!!

She walked back to the front of class and kept teaching. Shi Deng fell back to sleep and waited for his time in detention.

When detention started, he sat down in the back of class, and started reading a novel on his phone. He loves novels since they let you go to places you want to go with your mind. The authors are very creative with all the stories they write.

Once detention was over, he went home. Shi Deng lives alone and his parents help him by sending him money to pay for all expenses. Shi Deng got home, took a bath, ate and then went to sleep. He was tired and had nothing to do but sleep. His head touched his pillow and he was out like a light.


Shi Deng : Zzzzz

"System activating, one moment please."

"System loading"


"System now activated. Data scanning now.

Data scanning complete.

Physical and Mental analysis complete. System now transporting you."

Shi Deng woke up confused and scared.

Shi Deng : WTF!!! Where the hell am I?!

Shi Deng nearly had a heart attack. He placed his hand on his chest and tries to calm his breathing. He stood up and checked his surroundings. He was in a field and he didn't see any houses or any signs of life. He then suddenly got a massive headache and dropped on one knee. He held his head and then heard a voice.

System : Welcome to Evo-World, Shi Deng.
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    《I love being alone》