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His Personal Bed Partner
Author :blckdthPrincess
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66 Liliana

Christopher went to the information desk leaving Kaylee on the waiting area. He looks once again at Kaylee before he asked the nurse. "Is Mrs. McCain available? I am her granddaughter's husband and I am she's with me."

The nurse takes a look at Kaylee and smiled. "She's currently in her room now! I'm sure she would be happy to see her granddaughter!"

Christopher's smiles that make the nurse stiffed. She composed herself not to be attracted. This man is already married and one of the guidance of their VIP patient.

"Can we go inside?" Christopher asked.

The nurse gulps and nodded. She cursed herself inside because she can't bring herself to say a word. She gulps again and said the room number. "Top floor. Room 1001!"

Christopher smiles and said his."Thank you!" and walks toward Kaylee. "Let's go?"

Kaylee lifted his head and look at the man in front of him, "What are we doing here?"

Christopher smiled "What's wrong? You look bothered?"

"Why are we here? Is what Charlotte said true? Did you think I'm pregnant because we didn't use protection the last time we did it?" The fact that the memory of her being at the hospital when she is a child. What Charlotte said bothered her. She was worried because they are not married. What if she's really pregnant.

Christopher was taken aback, it was true that they didn't use any protection last time. The thought of him having a child never comes into his mind! Giving the situation they are in now, having a child now is not a good idea, but if it happens to be there is a child inside her, he would do anything to protect both Kaylee and the child.

When Christopher didn't respond, Kaylee held his hand. "Do you think I'm pregnant? Don't worry there's still a chance, I will take-"

"Shh! Enough, It's okay, okay? But that's not the reason why we're here!"

Kaylee blinks. "Are you sure?"

Christopher smiles. "Let's go?"


Kaylee's body stiffed. Her whole body was stock right in front of the door of room 1001. A familiar name placed on the nameplate of the door makes her whole body unable to move! The name 'Liliana McCain' with a patient tag underneath, was placed on the nameplate!

Christopher held her from both of her shoulders and shook her. "Hey! Kayl, you okay?"

Kaylee looks at the man in front of him. "What's the meaning of this?" She steps backward. She doesn't want to open the door, afraid that what she's thinking is wrong!

Christopher hugs her and caresses her back. "Remember when I told you I asked Liam to investigate you? He found out that she's still alive." When Kaylee hears that tears started to fall t her face.

Christopher wiped away her tears and continued. "Liam found out that she's suffering from heart disease, and that her daughter-in-law leave her alone at the hospital even if she badly needed a treatment! I asked Liam to moved her to a big hospital which is here!"

Kaylee wipes her own tears and looks at Christopher. "What about me? Why didn't she look for me?

Christopher sighed. "She didn't want to bother you, because she thought that you're married. We manage to transfer her here because Liam said I am your husband!"

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I'm sorry, I was planning too but, I can't bring myself to tell you. Liam has been visiting her all the time!"

"How is she?"

"She's recovering!"

Kaylee smiled and mouthed 'Thank you!' as her tears started to fall again!
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    《His Personal Bed Partner》