Hidden Hallows
162 Binx
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Hidden Hallows
Author :Blissfullrage
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162 Binx

"What do we have here? What a surprise..." Binx makes a strange noise before slowly stepping forward and slightly bowing as he says "Queen Cara, it's good to see you again." Queen Cara's smile looks nearly blinding as she says "Yes, my dear old friend. It really is. To think... you've been here with her this whole time." 

Queen Cara looks up to me with that same smile, further confusing me as I ask "You two know each other?" I mean... I know Binx is old but... wow. Binx clears his throat and puffs out his little chest as he says "Of course! I fought alongside Queen Cara's Grandfather and father. My servitude to their bloodline went much deeper than most." 

I stare at him with wide eyes until Queen Cara giggles and says "He was once part of a very old clan located in our world and would often be mistaken for evil but that wasn't the case with my grandfather. They quickly became friends and he's been around for years but... The last time I checked, you were in my world. How did you end up in the human world... as a cat?" 

Binx slightly coughs and asks "Is that really important?" I cock my eyebrow up and say "Yes, it really is." Binx glares at me before awkwardly saying "I saw the girl in our world... When she time hopped. I knew when I saw her that she was mine. Mine to serve and mine to protect. I knew that I had to go to her world in order to find her so before you sealed the Fae world, I slipped over and waited until the day she was born." Wasn't he yelling at me not to time travel when I was drunk!? Did he use reverse logic on me!??

My jaw practically hits the floor in shock as Queen Cara seems to be just as shocked. Her face instantly morphs into a thoughtful look before saying "That's why you wouldn't make a contract with my grandfather or father..." 

Binx nods and says "They weren't mine but I was drawn to the bloodline." Queen Cara smiles again and says "Interesting... truly interesting." She turns to smile at me and says "To think, you had so many who were waiting on you before you were even born."

Interesting? I feel... odd. I glance down at Binx to find his nose up in the air with a sense of pride in him as the others laugh but for some reason, Queen Cara's words didn't sit well with me. Kian seems to notice my unease and quickly leans in and asks "Are you okay? What's wrong?" 

I give him a small smile and shake my head as Queen Cara says "I feel like the family's back together! We should celebrate after bringing my brothers back!" My head snaps back over to her with wide eyes as I say "Huh?" 

She gives me a knowing smile as she says "I have an older brother and a younger brother. Both were sealed away by powerful magic and even though I tried... I wasn't strong enough to free them but with you, we can do it. Together."

Kian's hand on my side tightens a little as I frown and ask "What kind of magic was so powerful, even you couldn't undo it?" She gives me a sad smile as she says "Many powerful beings came together to seal them away... Even I don't have their combined strength." 

I awkwardly clear my throat as I say "I guess it wouldn't hurt to try..." Queen Cara jumps with joy and starts clapping her hands as she says "Let's do it!" She starts pushing people back, literally clearing a spot in the middle of my house as I watch her with confusion. 

I awkwardly smile and ask "Uh... so you meant right now, right now? I mean it's not like we can't it's just... don't we need to prep or something? Why didn't you do this when I was in the Fae world before?" 

Queen Cara rubs her hands together as she says "We didn't do it before because you weren't ready. You've come into your power now so it's fine. Also..." She stops to look at me with teary eyes as she says "I don't want to make them wait for a minute longer... I have no idea what they've been through or if they're in pain."

Suddenly, I feel like a horrible person for even asking. I would do whatever I could to help my family and in a way, they were. I step forward and say "Then let's do this." She gives me a grateful smile and wipes her tears away as she says "Everybody else needs to step back." 

Kian hesitates before stepping back with worry but the others step back without a second thought. She lifts her hands and says "All I need is a little of your blood and for you to aid me in your magic. Can you do that?" 

I nod my head and wait for her signal before lifting my hand and cutting my palm. She cuts hers at the same time, causing the whole house to lighten up. Powerful magic flows through the air, nearly taking my breath away but I focus on her and start feeding her my magic. 

The air before us starts to crack open, like glass! Bright light pours through the cracks, nearly blinding me but I don't stop. I continue to pour my power into her but when I feel her pulling on my magic, I give her the reins. She reaches out and takes my hand, holding it as she continues pouring magic into it. Whatever IT is.

The house starts to look like its warping before the cracks break open and bright light blinds me. I shield my eyes and feel myself grow weak. My knees buckle but as I fall, so does Queen Cara. I grit my teeth and try to hold on as I see someone walking out of the light! 

My whole world tilts before Queen Cara and I both fall forward but to my surprise, a pair of strong arms catch me before I make out with the floor and they weren't Kian's. I try to lift my head or even see but everything was spinning in a horrible way. 

I could still feel Queen Cara's hand holding mine but when I feel her let go, I finally feel like I can breathe again. My head rolls and lands on a hard chest as pure chaos breaks out around me but I was still trying to figure out who was holding me.

I was able to catch small glimpses if I close one eye! He has light hair and bright green eyes... Elves... she did it, she really did it. As soon as I feel Kian's hands on me, I finally relax and pass out.


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