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Her Unfortunate Fate Turned Fortunate
Author :AmuSushar
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149 One more help.

Returning to her cabin Anna feel into deep contemplation.

The information she gathered from the personal dairy of Li An Shu was bit overwhelming and now the past of Xu Liang and Yu Kong was enough to give migraine to Anna.

It's like a puzzle missing it's pieces. Based on these information Anna made few assumptions and now she only needs to know whether her prediction are right or not.

"Yu Han, you are really unlucky." Anna sighed exhausted. Why is all the misfortune falling upon her, well now I'm also involved.

Anna somehow felt her time was ticking. Her days were numbering and she has lot to lose on the line. She needs to slove this riddle as soon as possible.

Anna immediately dialled a number.

"Hello Wang Fei, can I meet you now?" Anna asked checking the time.

"Sure. I'm in the shiro cafe, same spot." Wang Fei replied with a smile.

"Okay then I'll be there in half an hour."

Anna picked her handbag and left informing Yu Han.

Inside the cafe, Wang Fei sat in the usual place sipping his coffee. Anna spotted him immediately. Taking a seat opposite to him Anna ordered herself a coffee.

"It's been quite a while since we met in person." Wang Fei spoke showing off his charming smile. Anna nodded with a smile of her own.

"Yes. Thank you so much for all your help."

"It was my pleasure helping a beautiful lady." Wang Fei grinned.

"What about the operation? Is her condition better?" Anna asked bit anxiously.

"No need to worry. The operation is in two days, she'll get well soon."

"Yu Han, I'm actually surprised. You're helping someone who betrayed you and made you suffer for years. You even paid all the medical bills of Rang Chen's daughter. You shouldn't be so kind to people." Wang Fei shook his head at Anna, but he couldn't help but admire her.

"You're mistaken. I never help my nemesis. Rang Chen's daughter haven't done anything to me. I don't believe in one committed sin so punish the whole family. Rang Chen has been handed over to the police, probably he'll rot all his life in prison I guess." Anna replied nonchalantly sipping her coffee.

"Got it. Here is the whole information about Xu Liang since her birth. It's a piece of cake to imprison her now." Wang Fei passed a fille to Anna grinning widely.

"Why am I not surprised?" Anna smirked looking at the info.

"But we still need solid proof to imprison her for a lifetime. She's barely escaping in Lizzie's case due to lack of proof." Anna sighed closing the file.
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"Wang Fei, I need one more help from you." Anna took a file from her handbag.

"I'll be happy to help you, after all we are friends." Wang Fei took the file.

Although it was business at first, but they have grown to become good friends. Wang Fei admires Anna very much, she's like a pheonix rising from ashes.

He squinted his eyes looking at the information stealing glances at Anna.

"Fine, I'll do it. But are you sure?" Investigating on her own parents and also about that stuffs, won't she be heartbroken if things go south?

"Yes, it's the only way to get answers to all my questions. Wang Fei, I need to warn you. These people aren't as simple as Xu Liang or Yu Chong, you need to be very careful about the investigation. Their background isn't something to be messed with, if you ever feel about getting caught just give up, don't push it, okay?" Anna warned him sternly.

She doesn't want anyone else to get hurt because of her.

Since now she's able to see things clearly she won't let anyone escape unscathed, but first she needs to be careful and understand her enemies well.

"Okay, I'll be careful." Wang Fei nodded understanding the seriousness of the case.

Leaving the cafe, Anna headed back to Yu company.


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