Heavenly Loli
2 I “Demand“ of you.
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Heavenly Loli
Author :GohShiye
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2 I “Demand“ of you.

Welcome, to the world of [Heaven&Hell]

"Oh, so this is the world of [Heaven&Hell]! The graphics are really good!"

"Oh yeah, i'll just check my stats since they were all random, Check Stats"

Name: 'You did not name your character yet, you have 1 name change available. You have 1 week to change it before we play with it'

Race: Celestial

Class: Orator

Level: 0

Exp: 0/100

Str: 1

Mag: 2

Wis: 6

Agi: 3

Chr: 10

Con: 2

Will: 6

Perks: 'Demand', 'Nature'

"Is this even any good?"

Description: Race, Perk 'Demand', 'Nature'

Celestial: You are a being of divine origin, your entire race have their own personal power (Current Power: Unknown)

Demand: The power to force coercion into words and make others subservient

Nature: Nature moves around you at will, +50% Regeneration (All), As consequence you have -30% Max Hp & Sta. Effects and Consequences will be higher in areas with higher Nature.

"Umm, i guess i should go and train in the forest? My class shouldn't rely on me hitting things though. So what can i do? Check Skills"

Voice Amplifier: You're voice will strengthen or widen on how much mana is put in.

Sound Wave (Terrify): Release a sound terrifying everything around you.

Taunt: Taunt enemies with your voice.

'Demand': Demand

"How should i test the demand skill? Oh, a slime? Let's test it out!"

"I demand you obey and heed my words!"

Slime Lv.1 has now been forced under submission.

"Eh? Did it work? That was anticlimactic, i guess it was weak?"

"I should just grind until 5 or 9pm i guess"

[3 Hours Later]

"I'm just lvl 1 but it's already 6pm! Grinding in this game is so slow! Even though my slime gives me Exp for the kills it's not enough Exp for me to level up, I need to do something about this!"

[After searching through the forest]

"There aren't any strong monsters in this forest! Where should i go next?"

Suddenly remembers from update log

"Oh yeah! The ruins near the mountain, I read there's a strong boss!"

[30 Minutes later]

/Falls down/



"A strong monster! Let's use my ability again!"


"I demand you to obey me!"

Demand has failed, Oration has failed, Target is now counterattacking.

"You dare defy me?!"

Trait Haughty has been given. Celestial Bloodline Race is now active.

Celestial Aura has been triggered!

Quest: Arrogance of the Celestials has been given!

Bloodline has been awakened to a certain degree, Celestial Force (Lesser), Celestial Aura (Lesser) has been obtained.

Bear Lv 13 (Forest Boss) is now under submission (Slave)

"Uh, What just happened?"

(You became OP that's what happened)

"I think i'll just farm the entire way then sleep..."

(She became Lv 6 before she went to sleep)

[Private Group Chat]

SwordsMaster Lv. 5: Hey guys! There's a person who just took the boss down in the ruins! Solo!

ShieldMaster Lv. 3: What?

BowMaster Lv. 3: Lies! Bosses in this game grow stronger, that bear was only Lv. 5 when it spawned in. Now it was higher than Lv. 10!

Pope Lv.2: Wait doesn't that mean me trying to gather a party to gank it is useless?! I've spent a lot of time already!

ShadowThief Lv. 4: Ganking itself is useless, that bear has surround sense so don't bother it like that, plus it's armor is solid all-around.

Pope Lv.2: You fought it? How strong was it?

ShadowThief Lv. 4: 1-shot, that thing found me and it also had stupidly high Str and Agi.

SwordsMaster Lv. 5: Guys let's not talk about that, let's just find out how somebody even managed to kill it.

ShieldMaster Lv. 3: Wait, is it even dead? I saw massive bear walking around with a girl earlier though?

SwordsMaster Lv. 5: What? But i got the announcement somebody got rid of it!

Pope Lv.2: is it possible somebody tamed it?

ShadowThief Lv. 4: You need to be stronger and be 5 Levels higher than the creature to tame it, 15 Levels higher if it's a boss.

BowMaster Lv. 3: Well it's not possible then, what if someone just lured it away though? I do it all the time.

Everyone: Hmm...

[Next Day]

A phone rings on the day break as it wakes up our Cute MC.

"Ngh… It's still early, who's calling me right now


"Lei, open your door i have a little surprise" Fan says evilly

"Okay… But i won't go outside today."

{Opens Door}

"Hehe, look at who i brought" Fan smiles sadistically as our MC was about to say something, a old man with grey hair and evil aura goes in front of Fan.

"Grandfather Zu! H-How are you today? i d-din't kn-know you were coming t-today" Loli is terrified and traumatized

"Hello dearest grand-'daughter', it seems you are enduring that new body of yours, it almost seems blessed you have it now." The old man is mad and Lei knows it.

"Hehe, Grandfather of course it's blessed, with you around nothing isn't!"

Zu earnestly gives Lei presents "Now, now dear Grand-'daughter' i have presents to give you. Since i know you won't be able to go to school like that and i most definitely know you will go out so i made I.Ds for you"

"Grandpa, you're not hitting me?" Lei asked worriedly

"Of course not dear grand-daughter, why would i ever do such a thing like that? If i had a unfilial Grand-'Son' though, things would be very different though." Zu now has an evil glint in his eyes as he chuckles.

"Yes! Grand-daughter is filial and loves grandpa very much!" Lei is now worried and hurries to curry favor

"Yes, yes, i have 3 filial Grand-daughters who get presents and 6 unfilial grand-sons who need a beating, right?" Zu asked unhurried.

"Yes grandpa, we wont ever betray grandpa and his mystic powers!" Loli now knows why he was beat on, Loli is terrified of grandpa even more.
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    《Heavenly Loli》