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He Hates Me but I Don't Care
Author :jane_jane
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"Aren't you going to ask why I'm taking you home?" Francis asked. I was riding shotgun while Drake was in the back seat doing something in his phone.

"Why are you taking me home?" I asked in return. I just said that, so he could talk, I feel that he wants to explain himself. I'm not fond of him, I just want to act civil.

"My mom asked me to. According to her we should have a date and get to know each other more." There was a long silence after he finished his sentence.

"I'm not coming with you if you're thinking of that. I also have plans you know. So, don't mind me." Drake cleared himself.

"okay." I said flatly. "but I have to say no honey. I have an upcoming series of major tests and I can't afford to waste time. Don't you have anything better to do?" I removed my eyeglasses and closed my eyes. Writing close vehicles gives me headache.

"actually. I have a restaurant to run, but I am here allotting time for you. Can't you just compromise?" it took a long time for him to respond.

"you mean, you're done with college?" it shocked me. He doesn't look like it.

"yeah! I'm a business management graduate. A chef and the boss of my own restaurant." He boasted.

"okay. Then why me?" it made me curious.

"hhhmmmmm, I think you could already drop me here." Drake hesitated but still interrupted us. Francis stopped the car. As Drake closed the door, Francis continued driving.

"so, why me?" I continued.

"because mom chose you."


"and what?"

"what else? I'm sure you have other reasons. You're a bachelor, you're hmmm handsome, successful, and hmmm did I already have said successful?" he laughed. "my point is that why me? I don't have anything to offer."

"okay, so why did you agree?" his eyes where still on the road.

"actually, I haven't decided yet. Mom told me not to rush and to think it through first. So, I'm doing it now. You see, I have this thought in mind that I'm still focused more on my studies. I don't think I would ever have a productive relationship. If ever I find time to spare, you would most likely find me in my room sleeping soundly. So, if you're looking for an ideal relationship, you wouldn't find it in me." I defended myself.

"that's more than enough for me. I don't like needy girlfriends. And you having no time for other people is also perfect, knowing that you would not cheat on me. So, before we became totally engaged how about I became your boyfriend first. Let's try it out first. If it works out, then great. If not, at least we have known before the wedding. How about that?" he stopped the car and faced me.

"hmmm… okay!" I reached out my hand to shake hands.

"you really like shaking hands, don't you?" he smiled and accepted my hands.

"not really, it just became a habit." He went out of the car and opened my door. "Let's go, it's not that far."

"where are we going? I thought you're taking me home. I told you I have a lot to do. I need to go home!"

"your exams are still on next week. It wouldn't hurt to take one day off." He pulled me inside a café. So cozy.

"fine. After this don't even dare to bother me."

"yes honey!"

"gross!" hearing him say that made me cringe.

"you said it first, remember?" he said behind the menu. Not that long he ordered for the two of us. "so, how old are you?"

"I'm twenty. Turning twenty-one next month. How about you?"

"twenty-five. What year are you now?"

"that is a sensitive topic for me. Enough with my studies. How many girls have you dated?" I questioned changing the topic.

"including you?" I nodded while sipping the iced tea the waiter had handed me. "I can't remember anymore."

"that's a lot for you."

"you could say that. How about you?"

"I have dated a guy in high school, but we didn't put any label with it and it ended up like nothing happened. I think it's better that it went that way because until now he's still my friend."

"do you like him?"

"I don't know? I'm not sure what it means by liking someone more than a friend. Did you like all the girls that you dated?"

"I don't know too."

"by the way, how did you know me? Honestly, I don't know you at all not until my mom explained things for me."

"I know you since we were kids but you're different now from how I remember you before."


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