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Gu Dong Cheng: Reclaiming the Throne
Author :SatisfyYourself
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6 Drunken Daze 5


Even when he knows he is not, he understimated her ability to attract him. He overstimated his ability to resist her. When she took the initiative to kiss him, the wall he built slowly became ice and melt. Encouraged by liquid and drugged in his drinks, his reasonings collapses empowered by yearning to hug and pamper her soft body.

So when his reasonings came back, he could not turn back and say sorry rather he said those cruel things to comfort his heart. Gu Dong Cheng wanted to claw his way and push her into the abyss, trap to the prison he made for both of them. He wanted to repeat the same mistakes but he could not afford to hurt her again, or perhaps, he was tired of hurting her. Not now, not in this lifetime. He would rather distance himself before his last rationality be torn away by deep insecurity and beastly instincts.

"Baby, your back!" a beautiful girl smiled to him. Her features started to blur replacing Tian Mi's face.

"Hmm... Tian Mi, I'm back." He kissed her gently, cherishing this rare moment of serenity .


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